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wel-01IBWS is a Minnesota based company registered with the Minnesota Attorney General as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Minnesota that outsources to a team of specialists in Kolkata, India. IBWS was incorporated as an LLC in Minnesota in September of 2015.

IBWS started providing the very important and valuable services of computer maintenance to customers in October of 2015. Long before starting the company, the owner of the company realized the importance of these services when he purchased a computer service agreement for his own computer in October of 2012. He realized the benefit and convenience of having the availability of help with his computer from a competent, well trained, technical support specialist whenever he experienced any kind of problem with his computer. He realized that in this new computer age in which we live, that having a good computer technician for your computer is just as important as having a good mechanic for your car! Would you trust your car to get you where you want to go if you never had it serviced? I don’t think so. Cars are wonderful when they’re running well, but what a headache when they break down! It’s no different with computers. We need our cars for transportation. We need our computers now a days for just about everything else. They both need maintenance. We have many happy customers, and if you’re not already on board, we hope you’ll join us! We’re here to help you. Computers enrich our lives in so many ways! Keep yours running smoothly with a qualified computer technician ready to help you at IBWS 1-888-727-4205. And, if you need a web site custom designed for your business, we would be very happy to create a website for you as well, designing one that presents your company in a way that will make you smile and that will attract the customers that make your business thrive!

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Client Testimonials

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    " Very impressive work. I admit you guys have the most creative professionals. You people promised on time delivery and did exactly the same. Looking forward to work further."
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    " Good customer handing and great work process. I am already realizing the effects of your work. Thanks guys for letting me know about this prolific service."